Next Generation DCI Compliant Cinema Server

Aerox is a hybrid and DCI compliant end to end solution and new green platform for cinema halls. It uses custom developed virtual cinema coding (VCC) video compression technology and can hold any RAW data in lossless. The platform is powered by powerful Aerox cinema player and AHDS frameworks. It includes advanced features for administration and content security. Aerox uses industry standard AES 512-bit encryption with quad layer shell protection for media assets. Aerox packages the cinema assets efficiently and deliver it through cloud network to cinema halls. Aerox supports revolutionary multi-dimensional audio codecs and easily adoptable to any new upcoming technologies.

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  • Centralized control and monitoring any number of cinema halls from anywhere
  • DCI Compliant IMB and Playback server
  • Control all the cinema servers from single administration panel
  • First server that will support any video and audio codecs
  • Pristine picture quality and preserves the color depth as produced
  • Create or Modify or delete the playlist on the fly
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  • Convert any 2D content to 3D format on the fly
  • Adjust audio and video settings from the control room
  • Supports unlimited number of audio tracks for a show
  • Assign audio track for each theater from single container
  • Pairing with digital cinema projector for video stream security
  • Forensic watermarking
  • Shell protection layer for copy protection with 2 x 256-bit AES encryption and intelligent unified key system
  • Movie contents encrypted with AES 2 x 256-bit keys
  • Delivers in highly secured VCC (Virtual Cinema Coding) container
  • Ready for 4K cinema
  • Ready for 3D sound
  • Powered by Aerox cinema player framework
  • Supports all types of consumer premium audio codecs for backward compatibility
  • No re-encoding or re-compression or re-sampling jobs thus it maintains the camera quality
  • Automatic player restart and resume the playback in the case of application or cinema server crash
  • Supports any audio and video bitrate
  • Supports any audio sampling rate up to 2.8 MHz
  • Supports higher frame rate video (HFR)
  • Supports real 3D
  • Sync server to save internet bandwidth
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  • Deliver in camera or master quality at lower cost
  • VCC – Preserves the DI (Digital Intermediate) color quality and depth
  • No more human interface required (Fully automated)
  • Same server which support both Aerox and DCI technology without any additional external hardware
  • Create playlist for any number of cinema halls around the globe from single administration panel
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  • No need of additional cinema server investment for each new audio or video technology
  • Easy to setup the Aerox server (Within 30 Mins)
  • Bring multi-dimensional immersive experience 3D sound at lower cost without changing your existing setup
  • Advanced industry standard AES 512-bit content encryption with quad layer shell protection
  • Aerox server supports highly efficient video codec (HEVC/H.265) which saves 50% bandwidth and gives two times higher video quality than legacy codecs
  • Assign different Ad-insertion for different cinema halls around the globe from single administration panel
  • Satisfy your consumers with our rich quality platform
  • Broadcast live events directly to cinema halls
  • Save your money and time investing on hardware platforms to increase your movie quality
  • Add unlimited audio tracks for different cinema screens
  • Master the video once and include multiple audio tracks for each theater in different regions
  • Start new theater with 3D sound / 4K resolution / 3D video at lower cost than present industry standards
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Aerox Digital Cinema Solution Brochure


Delivery and Storage Server

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